Standard of British shorthair/longhair



Fédération Internationale Féline: FIFe



Size: Large to medium



Shape: Round and massive with a broad skull

Nose: Short, broad and straight with a slight indentation, but not a stop as in the "Exotic"

Chin: Strong



Shape: Small and slightly rounded at the tips

BLH: Well-furnished on the inner side

Placement: Set wide apart



Shape: Large, round, wide opened and set wide apart


Copper or deep orange

Blue (pointed etc)

Odd eyed (white etc)

Green or bluegreen, green preferred (silver, golden)



Head set on a short, very strong and well-developed neck



Muscular, cobby

Broad chest, shoulders and back

Strong and solid



Short and strong

Paws: Round and firm 



Short and thick, slightly rounded at the tip

BLH: Well furnished 




BSH: Short and dense, not lying flat and with a good undercoat. Fine texture. Texture should be crisp to touch.

BLH: semilong to long, standing away from the body. Short on the face, gradually increasing in length on the cheeks. Well developed frill. Texture is firm, double, dense and plush with undercoat which gives the coat distinct body. Seasonal changes in coat density, length and texture are permitted.


Every hair should be uniform in colour down to the roots, except in tabby and silver varieties.

BLH: Allowance should be made in BLH kittens because the colour takes longer time to develop.

Pisteytys/Scale of points

TOTAL: 100 points


HEAD: 30 points

General shape, nose, jaws and teeth, forehead, chin,

placement and shape of the ears,

shape, size and plecement of the eyes


EYE COLOUR: 10 points


BODY: 20 points

Shape, size, bone structure

shape of the legs and paws

tail and it's length 


COAT: 20 + 15 points

Colour, markings and pattern, tipping, patching (20 points)

Quality and texture, length  (15 points)


CONDITION: 5 points